Saturday, 29 April 2017

Wolf IQ: Babies Galore

Pseudodraga continued to follow Dominatrix around, and Ulysses followed her. Together this little group made their way through to Norngarden 4. However, it seems that Dominatrix didn't think much of his little admirer; as Psuedodraga and Ulysses played at the opposite end of the room, unawares, Dominatrix slipped out and into Norngarden 2, trailing Afrad behind him.

Meanwhile, Dominatrix was not the only one who had unwanted hangers-on. Seen here, Malfustues is still clinging to Bubbles, but around the same time that Dominatrix manages to slip away, Bubbles made a break for it and hid from the little Fallout norn in the Norngarden. While there, she kept Sausage company, who had been left behind in the mass exodus to NG4.

Friday, 28 April 2017

Meet the Wolf IQ

After about a week of waiting, it seemed I had all the entries I was going to get for the Wolf IQ run, and my setup had largely been tweaked to my satisfaction, despite occasional bugs. So, I got down to the business of setting up the world.

For the most part, this step went smoothly, although I'm still having a couple of issues with the Other Lone Shee's Ark since the last update, and will have to include it later. I gave several minutes for the world's ecology to settle, including seeding bramboo plants in a few other locations, and then it was time to open up the first egg.
Dominatrix, a zebra norn requested by Pilla, was the first one out. Interestingly, my computer crashed a couple of times while trying to set up, and my experience with this little man was wildly different every time. The first time, he lived up to his name, slapping the training dummy - and any norn that came close - repeatedly. The second time, he was adventurous, going up and down the lift and generally exploring the warp room to its fullest extent. The third - and final - time, the Dominatrix that we will be dealing with, was highly reserved and gentle. He didn't move around a lot, and kissed or tickled the dummy and surrounding norns frequently.