Sunday, 30 April 2017

Overnight Update 30/4/17

Before Fast Ticks
Gen: 7
Eggs: 26

After Fast Ticks
Gen: 16
Eggs: 19

As you can see, all the starting sprites are still fairly well represented, except for Hardman. Unfortunately, the specific colourings of Eem Foo and Fallout also seem to have fallen by the wayside a bit. Though not immediately apparent in this snapshot, gargoyle norn sprites are also a little heavy overall, probably because of the slight advantage conferred by the breed being aquatic.

I am inclined to start exporting at this point, though I am a little leery of doing so with the egg cache at the size it is. I may be overreacting due to my own bias to larger populations, but it's low enough for me to feel a little hesitant about pulling all the best breeders out of the population.

In compromise to my worries, I am going to first include some new blood to freshen up the gene pool; specifically, I am going to hatch a male and a female Hardman, and additionally import a male and female Eem Foo again. On top of that, though we've blown past the generation a bit overnight, Aliena's two generation 8 norns will also be imported. All six norns will be placed at the beginning of the IQ test.

Then I will turn on exporting, set to export one in ten norns (to get a feel for how quickly that will build up in the folder), and to export once they have had six children. This will likely get turned down to four in later generations.

Finally, I seem to have a bit of an epidemic on my hands! Looking around, I've noticed that many of the norns tend to walk with their pelvis thrust forward the whole time. It's clearly not *too* harmful, as they all passed the IQ test, but it is certainly amusing to watch!

EDIT: Quick last note
The two gen eight norns have brought with them zebra, civet, fallow and astro norn sprites :) 

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