Saturday, 29 April 2017

Wolf IQ: Babies Galore

Pseudodraga continued to follow Dominatrix around, and Ulysses followed her. Together this little group made their way through to Norngarden 4. However, it seems that Dominatrix didn't think much of his little admirer; as Psuedodraga and Ulysses played at the opposite end of the room, unawares, Dominatrix slipped out and into Norngarden 2, trailing Afrad behind him.

Meanwhile, Dominatrix was not the only one who had unwanted hangers-on. Seen here, Malfustues is still clinging to Bubbles, but around the same time that Dominatrix manages to slip away, Bubbles made a break for it and hid from the little Fallout norn in the Norngarden. While there, she kept Sausage company, who had been left behind in the mass exodus to NG4.

The first pregnancy was had by Arti and Malfustues, none too bothered after all by the absence of the one he'd clung to so fiercely not moments before. Unfortunately, the egg Arti laid was stillborn, as is common with the offspring of Fallouts. They were quickly followed by Augustina and Ametarou, who had twins. The first of these was stillborn, but the second egg managed to survive, marking our first second-generation norn! (see the end of the post for offspring pics)

 Around this time, Psuedodraga had managed to track down Dominatrix once again, but perhaps he was living up to his name after all, for he pointedly ignored her in favour of the other females, breeding first with both Sausage and Fairy Draga. He seemed almost to be purposefully punishing or depriving her. Eventually, however, he relented, and gave Psuedodraga a child too. Unfortunately, that child did not survive the IQ portion of the run, and it was to be the only child the two would have together.

At this point, I stopped tracking each and every pregnancy, as breeding was really getting into full swing, though I did document all the offspring of the entered norns except for Pseudodraga. As a Gargoyle norn, she has a longer than average lifespan, and was still only an adult after all the others had passed away. On top of that, she was one I entered myself, so I figured it was a good enough place to stop.

The first death was Fairy Draga, drowned in the small pond in NG1. At first I thought she had taken her egg with her, but it seems she had laid it shortly before she perished, because it hatched in the warp room mere moments after her death.

Next came a series of deaths by drowning. Shortly before her death, Bubbles had her second child with Dominatrix and, interestingly, though he lived for some time after that, he refused to mate with another. He went from dominating breeding, to being entirely absent. Malfustues and Potaterus also had a child not long before going their separate ways to drown in NG4 and NG1 respectively; though he unfortunately didn't pass the IQ portion of the run, he is available for download here. When I saw the beautiful golden hue he had upon childhood, I just couldn't help but export him out and put him up for adoption.

After the death of Potaterus, I decided it was time to import out gen 2 participants; Beppo and Mercury (who was named again after this picture was taken). Beppo, being already about two hours old and having passed the IQ test in the world he was exported from, was left in the Meso. Although he appears 100% butterfly norn, he too suffered from the no-tail mutation that plagued that world, and he is in fact half Pearl Mermaid norn - I exported him upon finding him in the sea of NG4, alive and well. Mercury, as a baby still, was moved to the start of the IQ test. Unfortunately, she did not pass.

The next deaths were a bit of a mystery. Alfrad and Ametarou passed not too far apart, in time and location both. There was no particular reason for it that I could see; they weren't old, didn't drown - the cause of the overwhelming majority of the early deaths - and had no toxins in their system at the time of death, at least not that showed in the Medical panel.

What came next was more than a little bit heartbreaking. Dominatrix was the next norn to pass, having drowned at the bottom of NG4. That, in and of itself, is not terribly unusual, but as you can see here, his dedicated admirer Psuedodraga had followed him even here. I worried for her, as the child who had also followed them down - one of her own, to Ametarou, born slightly after his death - perished as well. As it happens, I need not have worried; I didn't realise it, but the gargoyle norns are actually aquatic. Though she desperately tried to follow her beloved Dom into death, she could not.

That was not the end of the tragedy, however, as Psuedodraga had a dedicated follower of her own; Ulysses. As time passed and Psuedodraga failed to surface, he too must have become worried, because he came down looking for her. Though she survived her extended stay below the sea, Ulysses did not survive his efforts to get her to come back to land.

Fortunately, that was the end of the drowning deaths for the entered norns. The remaining four (discounting Psuedodraga, for the reasons stated at the start of this post) all passed peacefully, of old age.

Last but not least, the final part of this post! Below is the roster of children borne by those norns that were entered in, listing their parents and whether they failed the IQ portion of the run. Passing is not a guarantee that the genes spread any further; however, I only tracked the offspring of named norns. I am using a wolfing autonamer so that any exported norns can be named fresh by those who get them, and trying to track the lineage of so many identically named norns would be a nightmare.

Augustina/AmetarouSausage/DominatrixFairy Draga/DominatrixPseudodraga/DominatrixBubbles/Ulysses
Fairy Draga/DominatrixSausage/UlyssesBubbles/DominatrixPotaterus/MalfustuesPseudodraga/2nd gen
Augustina/2nd genAugustina/2nd genPseudodraga/UlyssesPseudodraga/AmetarouAugustina/2nd gen
Arti/2nd gen2nd gen/BeppoPseudodraga/2nd genPsuedodraga/3rd genAugustina/2nd gen
Arti/2nd genAugustina/2nd gen.Augustina/2nd genAugustina/4th gen3rd gen/Beppo

(I realised partway through that I managed to miss a picture for one of the babies; the fifth baby was actually a boy, descended from Bubbles and Dominatrix, who survived the IQ test)


  1. So cute! I love your writing style :D
    And Dominatrix deserved his name. -giggles-
    The offspring looks all so pretty!

  2. Wow, the love stories in this run are fascinating.